The Secret (And The Mindset) For Getting Half A Million Leads Per Year With John Assaraf

John Assaraf is a leading expert in the field of Mindset & Behavior. John came up for air just a few days after his live Brain-A-Thon event to chat about the strategies he implements for turning visitors into leads and leads into customers for life. His unique strategy has led to generating half-a-million leads per year, and that's just from one of his businesses.

He’s the Founder and CEO of NeuroGym, a Research and Development Company that utilizes the latest research in brain plasticity and neuro-psychology to reduce doubts and fears, calm anxiety, eliminate procrastination and negative thinking. He happens to be a damn fine marketer as well.

Over the past 25 years, John has grown five multi-million dollar companies from scratch; written two New York Times bestselling books: “The Answer,” and “Having It All”.

John's voice will be familiar to fans of the movie, “The Secret”; you may also recognize him based on his multiple appearances on TV (including The Larry King Show, Ellen DeGeneres Show, ABC, CBS, NBC, etc.)

Tune in as John and Travis discuss the mindset and systems it takes to truly Have It All.

  • 06:55 – Discover Your Having It All Score

  • 07:23 – John Assaraf explains how to find your True North

  • 12:00 –  You can use visualization to build neural pathways resulting in increased confidence

  • 13:20 – At the age of 19, John already developed and practiced these skill, laying the groundwork for research on neuroplasticity

  • 15:25 – It's not uncommon to fail multiple times before you succeed – learn the reason why

  • 15:48 – How to manage crisis and get to success, one after the other

  • 18:04 – Then Exceptional Life Blueprint –  Create your Vision, Mission, Inner and Outer Purpose

  • 24:36 – John shares what has worked well for him to draw more people into his tribe

  • 27:21 – How to start sharing content with people. Discover how to share your experiences

  • 38:56 – The right way to optimize your marketing campaigns to speak to customer avatars

  • 40:29 – The most profitable way to build campaigns that speak directly to your market

  • 42:33 – Learn John’s proprietary method to anticipate where your ideal clients are seeking out solutions to their problems.


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