The Fast And Free Method To Grow Your Email List Every Week With Charles Byrd

In Season 1, Episode 2 of Make Marketing AWESOME, discover the fast and free method for welcoming people onto your email list each and every week by delivering high value content with Charles Byrd.

You'll learn how amplify your network, build relationships with the movers and shakers in your industry and profit from the power of leveraging joint venture webinars (the right way).

Charles is a public speaker, trainer, and lifelong learner.  He passionately combines technology and productivity and is a recognized expert in the field.  He produces impactful productivity courses – teaching and presenting to thousands.

Charles created an online course teaching entrepreneur how to apply Evernote to their business, kill chaos of information overload and to be able to put their fingers on anything they need in 5 seconds. Listen more to what Charles can say about his methods of doing business and how he has effectively applied it to his day to day routine.

You will also want to hear about his inputs on how to best utilize the people you meet, those movers and shakers that have the innovative ideas you can put to good use, through building rapport and good relationships and using the joint venture method.

  • 06:40 – What is a joint venture webinar? (for the people who aren’t familiar with the process)
  • 08:03 – Who are the best people to start with for your 1st joint venture (not what you think)
  • 10:08 – The type of workflow that works best
  • 11:25 – The ideal price point
  • 13:44 – Where to find  partners to promote your products and service
  • 16:10 – Establishing friendships and relationships and providing value first (literally a great way of being human)
  • 17:43 – How to take the focus away from yourself and simply guide it toward specifically listening to someone
  • 18:42 – What’s the phrases Charles uses to meet influencers (the best way to build relationships)
  • 20:27 – The #1 best way to meet people at an industry event
  • 22:51 – Why travel can be both good and bad (Going to the same conferences again and again and meet people over and over to build consistent relationship)
  • 26:16 – How to use evergreen webinars the right way and the two exceptions that Charles uses
  • 28:48 – Reason why Charles benefits from joint ventures (and you can too)
  • 30:24 – What life looks like following Charles' business model
  • 32:07 – How to increase your efficiency and productivity
  • 32:47 – The technology that Charles Byrd uses to make this business model work
  • 33:14 – The exact technology stack to get started with joint venture webinars
  • 35:19 – Step by step for the pages do you need to create in your funnel
  • 36:40 – How far out do you start the registration process before the live webinar?
  • 39:19 – Sales Page or Order Form? What's the best option?
  • 39:56 – How to use affiliate pages to gain interest
  • 40:36 – Overview of optimal webinar time length
  • 41:37 – How long should I answer questions on the webinar
  • 42:13 – General accepted commission payouts to partners
  • 43:25 – Contracts for joint venture partners or not?

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