Profitably Uncover Your Best Business Opportunities And Discover Your WHAT With Steve Olsher

Steve Olsher is known as the world’s foremost Reinvention expert. He’s famous for helping individuals and corporations become exceptionally clear on their WHAT – that is, the ONE thing they were created to do – his practical, no-holds-barred approach to life and business propels his clients towards achieving massive profitability while also cultivating a life of purpose, conviction, and contribution.

He’s been featured on CNN, Fox Business, ABC, NBC,, The Huffington Post, Mancow Muller’s radio show, The Jim Bohannon radio show, and more than 300 other media outlets.

In this episode Steve helps to sort through the myriad of business opportunities we have as entrepreneurs using the lens of his best selling book and framework, “What Is Your What?”.

His methodology blends ancient wisdom with revolutionary lessons from modern thought leaders that will help you uncover your WHAT and create a proven system for ultimate achievement in business and in life.

Steve Olsher is also an expert in podcasing. Listen in to this episode where Steve lays out valuable insights into why you should have your own podcast and why you should be a guest on relevant podcasts to your niche.

  • 04:18 – Who does Steve want to be when he grows up (and how did he get here)
  • 06:03 – The ‘Work-Life-Balance’ Argument
  • 10:07- How to understand your core gifts in this world
  • 11;09 – Unpacking the concept of Reinvention
  • 12:39 – Why most people don’t work on their field of study after graduation
  • 13:11 – Why it’s hard to stop the downward slide when we buy into societal norms
  • 13:51 – Steve’s renegade philosophy on checking email
  • 14:02 – When to clear your inbox
  • 51:21 – Where do you start when it comes to managing your business
  • 16:14 – How to understand what your biggest opportunity is
  • 17:30 – Do you want to stop being distracted with shiny objects?
  • 18:01 – The art of leverage and focus
  • 19:01 – What is the last step on the path
  • 20:14 – How you can get the right people in your high-ticket program
  • 24:23 – Why you should be selective of people on your podcast or stage
  • 25:57 – Steve Olsher’s conversion numbers
  • 27:28 – Understanding your metrics
  • 28:01 – How Steve generates leads that works for everyone
  • 28:27 – Understand how the metrics work for you (know your numbers)
  • 29:55 – Sponsoring a stage (Why you should do this too)
  • 30:48 – Straight 50/50 split vs Sponsorship (where’s the REAL money at)
  • 32:08 – Know your numbers and believe in yourself
  • 32:31 – If you don’t have the right offer, here’s what to do
  • 33:53 – How to close more effectively
  • 36:16 – The ultimate shortcut to success
  • 39:29 – The system to get people into your system
  • 40:17 – Make use of an automated and hands-off system
  • 42:06 – The first person you should hire
  • 42:46 – How to utilize a joint venture manager
  • 43:18 – Why most small biz entrepreneurs don’t have enough data
  • 44: 38 – How to get people to drive traffic for you
  • 46:13 – The eyebrow test
  • 47:46 – The format for intimate media

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