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You Are Not alone! We've been there too.

Don’t get us wrong, we are a stand for having an awareness of trends in marketing so that you can grow, but beware of causing Operational Whiplash.


OPERATIONAL WHIPLASH results from the brand leader changing direction in business too quickly and without warning, oftentimes resulting in wasted effort and expense while simultaneously squashing team moral.
~Travis Houston


One of the biggest complaints we hear from passionate teams is that brand leaders come back from conferences and masterminds with new ideas to implement just before the last big idea has gone live, or has yet to be optimized.  

Has that ever happened to you?

Imagine the frustration of completing all the painstaking details to get a marketing initiative up, running and gaining traction only for an executive or brand leader to come back from an event that caused marketing envy.

All of a sudden directives change radically and the team is thrown into the chaotic state of Operational Whiplash!

Your team may feel like your money and their efforts are wasted.

One team member of a client of ours was in tears when the evergreen quiz funnel that was declared essential got pushed aside without being completed so that the whole team could focus on a documentary launch that some guru promised would be a money-making slam dunk.  

Here we go again.” was becoming the team mantra and that’s NOT how we want your team members to feel!

Bouncing from one marketing initiative to another. UUUGGHHH. We feel your pain.

How can your team have clarity on which funnels work to which traffic source when there's no system to track progress and assess the ROI after ad spend, COGS, and team time?  

Worse still, marketing efforts become random and incongruent which fails to create the cohesive, layered experience an audience needs to develop a relationship that leads to sales and brand loyalty.

Here's Our Invitation To A New Normal.

It is possible (and we'd argue easier, more efficient and less expensive) to create layers of measurable funnels that tie together, endearing your brand to your audience while qualifying buyers and clearing out those who are clearly not your target market. That's why we call it a Superfunnel by the way 😉

Please stop implementing the disjointed, perpetual-promotional roller-coaster approach to running your business. Why? Because you'll fail to get the learnings you need from optimizing one funnel before you're, as Jay-Z puts it, “on to the next one”.  

When you architect a funnel using the statistical learnings from the previous funnel, you grow a self-assessing Superfunnel that morphs to meet your audience's needs.

As passionate marketers ourselves, we are saddened by the industry's lack of commitment to provide support in building measurable funnels that interconnect and are easy to optimize.

But it doesn't have to be this way…

Superfunnel supports brands in growing from six-figure to seven-figure businesses by prioritizing marketing initiatives, the right way. We get all “Art Of War” on creating and delivering efficient systems for sifting through ideas to sort out which one’s have the highest potential based on the 5 most important business areas.

It's all laid out for you in The Quarterly Scorecard, which you can score here for FREE!

The Quarterly Scorecard clearly identifies which opportunities are worth exploring and which should be put in the ‘parking lot’ for execution in the future.

Stop guessing. No more chasing fruitless failures.

Focus on the initiatives you’ve vetted through a proven process! Click the big orange button above and start ‘Prioritizing What's Profitable'.

Since we realize this will might very well be the first time you lead a team through a priority setting session like this, we've got plenty of support for you! Once you grab the scorecard, join us in the Superfunnel Facebook Group. In that group you'll find an instructional video that guides you through the process and we're in there weekdays with As to your Qs about this powerful and profitable process. See you in the group!

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