Learn How To Create Marketing Videos That Sell With Rob Burns

Rob Burns is an expert at video marketing and scripting your videos to cause engagement. He is the founder of VideoTelepathy.com, a San Diego based company that provides eCommerce video production, viral commercials, and content production to drive online engagement, build your brand awareness and increase revenue.

Over the years he's run and exited multiple businesses including a company focused on video press releases, search engine optimization, a full stack digital marketing agency and even a hot sauce company.

Rob takes you step by step through how to create a compelling video script, how to tell a share-worthy story and why your brand MUST make video part of your marketing stack. In this episode you’ll also discover how to use video (the smart way) on social media and the process to make sure you’ve got your ideal client avatar completely dialed in.

  • 06:55 – Discover the method for increasing your overall health, wealth, relationships, career, business, charity, fun, and experiences and why it matters for your business
  • 12:10 – Learn the shocking statistic about video and how much content will be consumed on the internet in this format.
  • 15:42 – How to address your market’s problems and pain points
  • 19:34 – The right way to utilize bullet points to, well, make your point
  • 30:35 – How to use video to re-target leads into your sales Understand how to serve your customer better and get them the results they desire
  • 36:23 – The most effective method for how to look at your business in terms of how it can make people's lives better
  • 45:39 – How to ask engaging questions that relate to the person you're targeting that'll lead them to take action and head over to your landing page
  • 48:24 – Learn the formula to shoot individual videos for each social media platform
  • 51:11 – How to use pattern interrupts to command the attention of your audience
  • 52:15 – Why you should add captions on posted videos
  • 52:52 – How to spend less time adding captions for your videos
  • 54:09 – Discover why bullet point texts of your product's features benefits your description
  • 54:26 – Effective way to deal with the attention span issue
  • 58:13 – Discover why your must partner with people who have access to production stages and studios

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