Know Your Numbers To Increase Conversions and Lower Your Cost Per Customer with Chris Mercer

Chris Mercer is a sought-after thought leader when it comes to knowing your numbers and how to get actionable data from your analytics (using Google Tag Manager, Google Analytics, Google Data Studio). His conversion optimization agency focuses on training you how implement data-rich frameworks to profitably optimize your marketing and sales systems.

When you learn how to EVALUATE your analytics, data and metrics you can save money on advertising, increase your conversions and lower your cost per customer. It’s all about knowing your numbers. Like Mercer says, “The truth is in the trend, the power is in the pattern.”

In this final episode of Make Marketing Awesome – Season 1 you’ll discover the 5 Pillars of Measurement Marketing and the top 3 tools every marketer needs for building a company culture around optimizing for growth with special guest Chris Mercer of

  • 4:32 – Why Tony Robbins is the reason Mercer got started in the online marketing space and why Farmville sent him a Cease And Desist
  • 7:52 – How Mercer discovered conversion optimization
  • 11:27 – The TRUTH about analytics – do other companies really their data all put together?
  • 13:06 – Learn The 5 Pillars of Measurement Marketing
  • 16:46 – The Top 3 tools for measurement marketing (and they are also FREE)
  • 19:05 – Why build your company culture around optimizing your marketing
  • 21:18 – How to hire an analytics and optimization expert for your company
  • 26:16 – What does it cost to hire an analytics expert
  • 28:22 – The answer to the question, ”Is it more profitable to optimize your funnel or creating a new offer?”
  • 31:55 – What’s a good optin percentage? (the realistic percentages to shoot for)
  • 35:00 – The rhythm of knowing your numbers. What to check and when.
  • 36:31 – Building a dashboard for visualizing your numbers
  • 40:50 – Where to go to get help with setting up your analytics

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