How To Maximize Your Business Utilizing Media Partners And Mentors With Scott Duffy

Scott Duffy started his career working for best-selling author and speaker Tony Robbins. He went on to work for big media brands like CBS Sportsline, NBC Internet, &, before launching and selling a business to Richard Branson’s Virgin Group.

Later, he went on to found his own company ‘Smart Charter', an online booking tool for private aviation. Scott sold the company to Sir Richard Branson from The Virgin Group.

Scott is a master at using television, mass media partners, online channels, speaking platforms, best-selling books, masterminds and coaching programs to create transformational breakthroughs for your life and business. He’s a true entrepreneur and thought leader who is helping business owners achieve exponential growth.

In this episode, Scott talks to Travis about the habits you need to succeed in any business or career by doing the work necessary to achieve your goals. He shares his story of how training with Navy seals improved his business mindset. You'll also learn about the mistakes entrepreneurs make and how to overcome adversity on your path to maximize your business. Scott also shares why being and finding a mentor is essential to long term happiness.

From the wisdom of being a ‘Disney Dad’ to exiting multiple companies there is a lot to learn from this amazing leader, so dig in and listen up as Scott Duffy shares it all.

  • 05:59 – Why build your house at the intersection of keep on learning and execution
  • 06:17 – Why it’s all about learning
  • 06:50 – Discover the difference between top entrepreneurs and innovators
  • 07:33 – Why change happens exponentially
  • 08:14 – Discover why whatever you were good at 5 years ago, it’s your baggage today
  • 09:07 – How failing is so cheap today
  • 09:45 – Why we currently live in great time to be an entrepreneur
  • 10:25 – How to work with the biggest players – by design
  • 11:15 – How to find and develop talent
  • 11:36 – How to take the Navy seal experience and applying it to your business
  • 12:35 – Creating a journey that pays off
  • 13: 05 – The biggest mistakes people make
  • 13:36 – Why training should be a Bolt-On for your business
  • 14:42 – Masterminds are being saturated, what is next?
  • 15:11 – What to do to stay current in your business
  • 15:47 – The benefits of interviewing influential entrepreneurs
  • 16:03 – How to start seeing trends as an entrepreneur
  • 16:15 – Having interns is super important. Here’s where to find them
  • 17: 15 – The reason why you should be mentored by two different types of people
  • 17:37 – On mentorship and choosing a mentor
  • 18:35 – The difference between advice and counsel
  • 20:21 – How to get a high caliber mentor
  • 21:00 – What you need and what are you willing to pay for it
  • 24:25 – Scott’s method for getting exactly what you want
  • 24:46 – What to say to your mentor after they give you advice
  • 26:12 – Who is getting the results you want
  • 27:31 – How to eliminate blind spots
  • 29:14 – Where to stand to be insanely great
  • 30:25 – What is a Bolt-On business
  • 31:36 – How to bring on big media partners for hyper-growth
  • 31:58 – Get deals done (the Scott Duffy way)
  • 32:42 – Why selling one book to one person (inefficient thing to do)
  • 35:29 – Do this to bring about the least amount of risk
  • 35:43 – Why big partners expose your flaws faster, and how to start doing one thing well
  • 37:08 – The things you can’t control
  • 37:12 – Where to put your energy
  • 38:02 – The highs and lows and ups and downs of being an entrepreneur
  • 42:00 – The four-step spiritual practice
  • 43:46 – Having a tough time turning things around? (Disney dad advice)
  • 46:03 – What to do with 18,000,000 Christians
  • 51:17 – The 15-avatar challenge

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