How To Engage Thousands Of Followers Without Spending A Dime On Ads with Mary Agnes Antonopoulos

Mary Agnes Antonopoulos helps her clients to find their authentic personality, create their editorial calendar based on what their audience really wants, runs their Hour-A-Week video interview strategy, and then exponentiates their content across relevant social channels.

She’s a rarity in the industry where everyone wants to teach on the subject, and few want to do actually do the work AND produce the results.

Mary Agnes is also an in-demand thought leader, speaking on stages nationwide teaching how to implement foundational social strategies, advertising best practices on Facebook and Instagram, email copy secrets (her open rates and engagement will astonish you) and today she’s on the Make Marketing AWESOME show to school you on how to authentically and effective engage with your audience so your followers become customers and your customers become fans.

Want to finally understand how to engage with your audience to achieve Social-To-List Conversion and fully engage with your tribe? Listen to the show now.

  • 5:12 – The #1 way to to rise above the noise on social media
  • 6:24 – How to be authentic online
  • 8:49 – Simple tips everyone needs to know when talking about pain or struggle online
  • 10:19 – What’s it like working with the REAL Wolf of Wall St., Jordan Belfort
  • 11:18 – How to sort and segment your social leads using these tags: Readers, Watchers, Listeners, Doers and why it matters for conversion
  • 14:26 – The step-by-step strategy for using Facebook Live profitably
  • 16:03 – The swipe copy to use for growing your list using Facebook Live replays
  • 18:42 – Which One? Do you go LIVE on your Facebook Profile or Page?
  • 19:54 – SOCIAL TO LIST CONVERSION: Everything you need to know about growing your list from Facebook Live
  • 21:13 – 2 Tools to help you go LIVE on Facebook (and broadcast to multiple sites)
  • 23:31 – Transform your business by creating a consistent time & format for your show
  • 24:26 – The BEST Editorial Calendar Hack You’ve Ever Heard! Get an Entire Year of Content In 15 Minutes
  • 27:20 – How to create your editorial calendar as a method for writing your book
  • 28:42 – Teaching vs Selling – When to stop teaching and make a call to action… if at all
  • 30:39 – FREE hour long course from Mary Agnes on how each social platform fits into the Google Algorithm: “The Social Grid”
  • 31:38 – A little know method for linking your call to action in Facebook comments
  • 32:50 – 3 important tips you didn’t know you need to have BEFORE going Live on Facebook
  • 33:50 – SOCIAL TO LIST CONVERSION: the “Ask Me A Question” optin form
  • 35:18 – How to serve at the highest level and not get distracted from your primary purpose
  • 38:00 – The top 5 tips for YouTube that you probably don’t know
  • 39:53 – Want Google to rank your YouTube videos higher? The YouTube Description Formula
  • 41:36 – No one else does this. You should. Discover the “YouTube Auto-Follow Secret Keyword Identifier” tactic. So Cool
  • 46:09 – The YouTube video DRAAAAAAAG method for your call to action
  • 47:58 – Push Button Exponential Sharing. The method for getting your videos to other social platforms with the push of a button.
  • 49:58 – The 1 Hour A Week ‘Content River’ Method for HOW to post on social media. The 10 best minutes strategy.
  • 53:20 – How Mary Agnes works with clients at her done-for-you digital marketing agency
  • 54:31 – Want to get trained on how to do social media the right way… here’s what to do

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