How To Create The Ultimate Client Experience with Brad Martineau

Brad Martineau’s specialty is simplifying the complex and bridging the gap between theory and execution. Brad loves teaching and helping people understand difficult concepts while guiding them through creating the ultimate customer journey using marketing automation and proven systems.

Listen to this episode and hear Brad talk about how to balance grinding your way into being a successful marketer while not losing who you are in the process. Discover how to be humble, even when success is already in your hands and how to cherish the journey rather than prioritize your funnels.

  • 05:05 – Passion for systems (how Brad’s brain work)
  • 08:37 – Sorting, Segmentation and how to use it in your business (Infusionsoft and automation)
  • 10:41 – Segmentation integration and how Brad has been consistent about his strategy (how, when and why to consider sorting)
  • 14:59 – Sorting leads and capturing them as they come in
  • 16:47 – The language of sorting and segmenting
  • 18:34 – How do you design the journey and recognize the major emotional phases of moving people to action
  • 19:24 – Creating messaging that’s relevant to various stages of the client journey
  • 30:51 – Pay attention to what people say they are doing
  • 33:06 – What are the emotional benefits of why people buy
  • 34:25 – How to dig into the emotional benefits of the people you serve
  • 34:55 – Financial model (foundation and backbone of your business)
  • 35:46 – Identifying who you serve
  • 36:27 – Narrow the sandbox that you can play in (more profitability in your business)
  • 36:50 – Discover the narrative of what you deliver through the lens of another person
  • 37:25 – Identify what your audience needs (“Tell me if it sounds familiar.”)
  • 39:15 – What is the actual problem (Go past the symptom of the problem and into the real deal)
  • 39:31 – Find a way to brand the problem (Point out what the audience suffer from)
  • 40:30 – They are struggling because they don’t know what you already know
  • 40: 53 – How to deliver a vision of what the future could look like (If they did what you suggested)
  • 43:16 – Journey is synonymous with the experience
  • 44:45 – Learn the false perception of building your business
  • 45:32 – Refining and mastering the art of what automation really is (to build a multi 7-figure business)
  • 47:35 – Be really good at what you do, and there’s no shortcut to that
  • 48:00 – Be good at what you do even after 6 months of a client working with you
  • 48:44 – The experience is not that value, it’s how you make people feel as they’re consuming the value
  • 50:16 – Consider creating an experience that is mind-blowing
  • 53:47 – The ‘wisp of smoke’ concept (clients with potential possibility)
  • 54:24 – Reason why journeys are more important than funnels
  • 56:40 – Discover the real and fake game in entrepreneurship
  • 57:10 – Be a human being and be transparent
  • 1:01:45 – Be clear as possible in what you want to create
  • 1:02:40 – Really digging deep into what your existence needs to be
  • 1:03:24 – How to identify where to spend your time
  • 1:07:19 – The crux of life, the intersection between knowing who you are and finding the desire to work
  • 1:07:52 – It’s not about who I’m being or just about grinding (it’s about micro adjustments)

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