If we all chased the flavor-of-the-month marketing tactics, we’d not only lose our minds, we’d also lose money and moral!  There would simply be too much to do and we’d never get funnels and promotions pushed all the way through launch and into optimization! That would be a BIG mistake. Here’s why.

Every task you and your team members take on is an investment in your business.  

Everything you accomplish from a simple promotion or sale to the most complicated of funnels, they all create assets that can be rinsed and repeated.

Every time you switch gears to a new marketing tactic without having completed and fully optimized the last marketing effort, you are wasting resources. – Travis Houston

If you change direction every time you hear about a brand succeeding on this platform or with that widget or because of the latest funnel your mastermind is going on about…

…well, I feel confident that you’d have been FAR better off executing your first idea well than if you chase new ideas without getting to the point of optimization. And by better off, I mean that you would have gained more leads, made more money, and have higher moral on your team.

That said, you do want to stay in the know about what’s possible, what’s new, and what’s working for your peers. So, how do you balance new ideas and be sure that your team members never have the experience of feeling like their efforts are wasted?

The Quarterly Scorecard!  This FREE customizable spreadsheet walks you through the process of

  • collecting ideas from your whole team
  • filtering them based on impact in five key areas
  • sorting based on executability
  • making it clear which moves are worth making now and
  • identifying which ideas should go in the ‘parking lot’ to execute later

After a decade of helping brands move from six-figure to seven-figure businesses, we can state with confidence that the single biggest needle mover is having teams do less to a higher degree of quality. Launching fewer marketing initiatives and executing them to the essential point of optimizing, that's money! 

Quality wins over quantity every time. That means it is absolutely essential to choose your marketing initiatives wisely. The best tool we've found to select and prioritize ideas for execution is the Quarterly Scorecard

Are you ready to do less and make more?

(Don’t worry we’ll walk you through how to use it too!)


A: When a Strategic Marketing Officer and a high-converting copywriter spend an entire week examining your brand, your competition and your current organization around marketing then spend a day serving up the findings while helping you create your offer ladder, your content calendar for the year, and a detailed execution plan for the next quarter. Take the guesswork out of your marketing by booking your VIP Strategy Day.

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