Discover the 10-20-70 Formula For Attracting Your Ideal Client On LinkedIn With Joshua B. Lee

Over the last decade, Joshua B. Lee has managed over 100,000,000 in ad spend, and created and controlled over thirty trillion impressions online.

He’s also the author of Balance is Bullshit: How to Successfully Integrate Work & Life. He’s a member of several high-end mastermind groups and he also takes time to mentor young and up-and-coming entrepreneurs in his community.

Joshua is the founder of which advises business owners, sales professionals and industry experts on how to find and engage with your ideal customer by mastering the art of lead generation on LinkedIn using his 10-20-70 Formula.

In this episode, Joshua holds nothing back as he lays out exactly how to attract and acquire the attention of your ideal prospects. He drops some serious science on how to optimize your LinkedIn profile, what to say to connect with people you can turn into customers and then outlines how to set up your company to be more “client-centric” and profitable.

  • 04:41 – Why you should network and make connections, especially at conferences
  • 10:23 – LinkedIn as a medium for making “human-to-human” connections
  • 11:03 – How to make the most of LinkedIn as a platform and drawing more people into your profile
  • 13:10 – How to properly setup your LinkedIn profile
  • 14:30 – Learn how to make a customer-focused headline
  • 17:25 – How to properly create a LinkedIn bio to connect with prospects
  • 18:48 – Creating a personal bond with them your audiences and it’s positive impact to your business
  • 19:23 – Why being truly accessible and trustworthy, rather than someone to be admired from a distance, is better
  • 20:11 – Learn why LinkedIn's algorithm prioritizes engagement.
  • 24:36 – Why is Daily LinkedIn Activity a must?
  • 26:44 – The trick is Improving your social media presence on other platforms besides LinkedIn
  • 27:22 – How your Twitter account and LinkedIn can go hand in hand
  • 30:54 – Can't decide between written articles or videos? Why not both?
  • 36:10 – How to get concrete results in terms of getting new clients
  • 46:48 – How to take advantage of LinkedIn's built-in CRM
  • 52:34 – How to effectively use hashtags on LinkedIn

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