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Connecting through content starts a far higher quality relationship than direct-to-offer marketing. Content marketing not only boosts conversion rates, but also increases both lifetime value and the quantity of referrals your receive from happy customers.

If you’re not currently measuring the impact content marketing can have on your brand, read on to learn the minimum content needed to create a web of influence using the 1-3-15 Process.   

Since we’ve already revealed the three primary research tools for developing your Foundational Marketing, we’ll get straight to creating a sticky web of influence using the 1-3-15 Process. You’ll definitely want to read the posts on Customer Telepathy, Content Telepathy, and Competition Telepathy before you begin because that’s the foundation you’ll need to form an intelligent hypothesis about what content to include. (If you’d like us to create your Foundational Marketing for you, schedule a call with Joy.)

Let’s Get Sticky!

Assuming you’ve completed the three preparation processes above and found the content topics your audience is hungry for, here’s a visual of what to do with that clarity.

Here’s the step-by-step on how we build these sticky webs using the 1-3-15 Process. Watch the free training video below for more details.  

STEP ONE: Get crystal clear on your offer ladder.

STEP TWO: Select or create three lures that logically lead to the offer. Within these lures, include invitations to the offer.

STEP THREE: Build five content pieces that intelligently connect to each lure. One content piece to address each of the four personality types and one that works well for a general audience. Again, look for logical opportunities to link to other articles in this content web. At the bottom of each post, list other content in the web under the heading “You might also like…”.

STEP FOUR: Create a mini-nurture campaign for each of the three lures. The point of these emails is to support the new lead in using the lure and to progress towards an invitation to the offer. In these communications, link to other content pieces in the web wherever it makes sense. (See the Ninja Note below.)

STEP FIVE: Create at least three promotions for each content piece to use in your top three marketing channels.

Here's a quick video that walks you through the process. When you watch that video, you'll also get hooked up with a 1-3-15 Content Template that makes sure you don't skip a step.

Once you’ve done all five steps, test all three lure processes before unleashing the promotions out in the world organically. If you have experience with paid traffic, you might feel confident investing in the dollar-a-day strategy to gain traction faster. We’re big fans of the high returns we’ve seen from such a minimal investment. Plus, we like to ‘swap a flop’ (replace non-engaging content with fresh material) as soon as possible. Driving paid traffic speeds up that process.

While even this simple content launch process is admittedly a lot of work, we find that getting set up on the organized 1-3-15 system and tracking it all on a Weekly Marketing Spreadsheet has a positive lasting effects for brands. It takes the guesswork out of the equation and makes all of your marketing measurable. In doing so, it replaces the discouraging feeling that you’re investing time, money and effort on stuff that doesn’t move the needle with clarity on exactly what works.   

We’re here if you need us! We offer coaching on the execution of the 1-3-15 Launch process as well as done-for-you packages. Schedule a time to talk with Joy to figure out what’s most cost effective for you.

NINJA NOTE: To remove buyer friction for those that are bouncing around this 1-3-15 content web, duplicate all 15 content pieces. Do not include these duplicates in the public posts viewable on your blog or channel because you’ll will edit them to skip the email collection process (since you’ll have already captured it from the first lure they take). CTA buttons will instead send the prospect directly to content delivery pages for the other lures or possibly offer pages. Be sure to set up tagging so you can track which prospects have consumed which content. We feel it’s safer and less aggressive to make invitations directly to the offer from those duplicate posts since we know they’re already on the sticky web. (If this Ninja Note created a WTF moment, just skip it! You can layer this process on later.)


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