Creating a Character Diamond can help you in this essential endeavor. Read on to get your free template and a video that walks you through the process.

If you can’t illicit a feeling in that split second the first bit of copy is read, you’re f#cked.” – Joy Houston

If I could download to your beautiful brain all the connective methods that have raised conversion in my copy, the first tool I’d give you is the Character Diamond. Given that my proprietary process for creating a Foundational Marketing Package is centered more around passion for the Avatar and Empathy Map Process, why start with the Character Diamond?  Because…

…YOU GOTTA BE YOU! (Everyone else is already taken!)

Here’s the deal. When you show up as you – THE REAL YOU – in your copy, you won’t be writing all your own prose for long because you’ll be CRAZY successful and won’t have the time. You’ll keep control of whatever communications are near and dear to your heart and delegate the rest to copywriters you trust to carry your voice in consistent ways.

How do you entrust your voice to a copywriter? By completing a Character Diamond that keeps you and your writers in a singular flow with copy creation. Don’t worry if you’ve never done one, it’s easy when you use the free template and the tutorial.

When copy is written using a Character Diamond, voice stays consistent across the wide intellectual and emotional range you’ll cover while interacting with a person as they transition from a stranger to a fanatic of your brand’s awesome content and offers!

Consistency across your copy keeps things congruent. While the messages to your market may change as one progresses from initial discovery of your brand to a raving fan, the brand’s mission remains perfectly clear and the personalities that communicate to them become evermore familiar. This congruence builds trust which reduces buyer friction. Incongruence reeks of untrustworthiness, and I can’t think of a bigger sales killer than that!

WARNING: It’s likely to feel awkward to chart the parts of your personality you’re willing to share with the world on the intellectual and emotional axes that you’ll find on your free Character Diamond template. The discomfort is worth the direction you’ll be providing for yourself and for your present or future copywriter(s). If you plan to scale, creating a Character Diamond for every voice that speaks on your brand’s behalf is essential prep!

(Don't worry! We walk you through how to use it in the video tutorial)

Before completing your Character Diamond consider:

  • How much of your personal life you want to share
  • How formal or casual you’ll be with your audience
  • How data-heavy or entertaining your content will be
  • What fictional or real-life characters have qualities or similar circumstances
  • The emotional extremes of your journey

Once you put a little think-time to that list, grab your free Character Diamond template and get to work. If you need me to walk you through the process, use the tutorial I made for you. You’ll see the link to access that on the download page.


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