You won’t be shocked to learn that most of the brands that come to us for copy are NOT happy with the way their message is being presented to their market. The brand leaders have no lack of credibility. They are on on top of their game, respected in their field and well spoken. But when it comes to the copy that’s floating around their web presence, there’s a lot left to be desired.

The number one complaint is that their copy doesn’t accurately represent them. Luckily, that’s a problem that can easily be solved by completing a Character Diamond.

A Character Diamond has two axes. The vertical axis represents intellectual range by revealing all that makes you credible at the top and what makes you entertaining at the bottom. The horizontal axis shows the emotional range you’re willing to reveal in order to create trust while also showing vulnerability.

Once that portion of the Character Diamond is complete, list phrases you say and stories you share that represent the different facets of your personality as they relate to your brand. This is where the real connection happens. Let me give you an example.

  • On the top of the intellectual axis of a client we helped recently, credibility was being formed successfully by sharing that this NY Times bestselling author had graduated top of her class from med school and runs the world’s leading clinic for autoimmunity. Those things build cred, right? I’d feel it was a smart decision to let her help me heal if I knew she had that kind of experience.
  • On the bottom, entertainment was absent in the content. When we added the real stories of her frustration around investing in a medical education that did not include a solution for the autoimmune condition she was discovered to have while attending university, readers were able to resonate with how shitty that must feel. Paying for a medical education that did not include a cure for the very condition she was experiencing: that’s beyond disappointing! The irony is sad, but entertaining. It creates curiosity about how she solved the issue. Hook in! That created interaction and subsequently sales.

The elevated conversion that comes with incorporating entertainment to balance trust pales in comparison to using the emotional axis to balance trust with vulnerability. All of this is explained in detail in the video tutorial you have access to when you grab your free Character Diamond template.

We made you a video tutorial to make it easy!

It may seem silly to create a Character Diamond if you’re currently creating your own copy, but the truth is that if you’re including elements from all four points on the diamond in copy you create, you’ll have better, higher-converting copy. And when you’re ready to hire copywriters, the copy you’ll receive from their assigned projects will be spot on or, at a minimum, far closer to your voice than if you don’t provide them this powerful insight.

Do a copy self-check to see if you love your messaging and how your market is connecting with it. Go through some of the content that your brand has already released. Cyber-stalk yourself by checking out everything from Amazon reviews to blog content, your YouTube channel and all your active social media accounts. Use the four quadrants of the Character Diamond to record what you experience. It’s an efficient way to see what’s missing.

As you create new content, use copy that includes elements from all four quadrants.  Watch for improved interaction and higher conversion. What I predict you’ll discover is that alignment between the spokesperson and the brand’s written messaging creates psychological trust that makes selling easier. Any copy that is misaligned with your core message and voice will feel off and turn people away.

Let us know how it goes! And if you need done-for-you copy, let’s get on the phone to see how I can help.

A: When a Strategic Marketing Officer and a high-converting copywriter spend an entire week examining your brand, your competition and your current marketing then spend a day serving up the findings to support you in refining your offer ladder, creating your content calendar, and a detailed execution plan for the next quarter. Take the guesswork out of your marketing by booking your VIP Strategy Day.

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