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Wouldn’t it be nice if you could confirm that the content you invest time in creating is valuable and wanted by the audience that needs you? You can!

Here’s the Superfunnel Insider trick for confirming the content you create is wanted, needed and even shared so that you reach more people organically. (You’re invited to join the private Facebook Group for more pro tips and live Q&A sessions here.

We call this process Content Telepathy and it has two phases. Phase one applies to brands that have a fair amount of content out in the world. If that’s not your brand yet (you’ll get there soon), then skip straight to Phase Two.


Phase One of Content Telepathy is to take a long, hard look at your brand’s content, specifically how audiences are or are not responding to it. 

  • What are your top-performing blogs, posts, videos?
  • What are the top-selling products on Amazon or your own store?
  • For each of those, what are the comments saying?
  • Are there common questions, repeated inquiries or themes to people’s reactions?
  • What content can you create that would fill the void that’s leaving the audience with so many questions?

An example of how this can be useful comes from the work we did for the world’s leading autoimmune specialist, Dr. Amy Myers. In her posts about autoimmunity on her blog and on Facebook, by overwhelming majority the comments and questions were centered around one particular autoimmune disease called Hashimoto’s Thyroiditis.

Can you see how the Content Telepathy process revealed the need for content centered specifically around that particular subset of autoimmunity? All we had to do to was look for patterns in what seems like a chaotic pool of comments.

Direction from the audience is there if you take the time to look for it!


Phase Two Content Telepathy is to look at other brands in your same niche to see what themes or patterns emerge in the comments and feedback they get on public platforms.

  • Do they have a store that sells products similar to yours? If so, the comments and questions you see repeatedly are likely to be inadequately covered by that brand. Can you provide content that fills the gap? (We bet you could!)
  • What does Facebook show you about them? Which of their posts are getting high engagement? What content shows lots of shares? Are there repeated questions or concerns?
  • Do they have books or products on Amazon?
    If so, scope out the reviews to see what people are saying. This is a forum where people want to help other potential buyers and that prompts deeper sharing.

  • Do they provide courses? Udemy, Thinkific, Coursera – check them ALL for content in your niche. Look for consistent themes in questions and comments.

Here’s the deal. If your competitors get repeated questions on a particular aspect of a topic, chances are you can create content that fills the gap, thereby showing up as a hero to that audience.  

Now that you know how to figure out which content has a high level of certainty to be engaging and worth a share, you might be interested in a super-clean, easy-to-run launch. As it’s name reveals, the 1-3-15 Launch model focuses on ONE well orchestrated offer ladder with THREE lures and FIFTEEN content pieces (five for each of the three lures – one for each of the four personality types and a wild card).
Learn this simple formula in this free training video. Click the orange button below.

After you watch that video, you might want to check out our number one secret for creating content. It requires a far more high-touch process, but it’s worth it. It is the secret sauce to the high conversion we get for our agency clients and Joy lays it all out for you step-by-step.

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