“Brands don’t stumble from having too few ideas, they die from exhausting their resources on too many!” – Travis Houston

Is your brand diluting its power by exploring too many opportunities at once?  Does the team feel overwhelmed by all the initiatives you're currently pursuing? Are advertising budgets spread too thin across too many offers?

You’re not the only brand becoming frustrated with frazzled marketing plans!  We suspect the FREE Quarterly Scorecard described below can help.

Here’s your chance to hero up and save your brand from financial struggles and from becoming mediocre in the minds of your customers.  You can do that by reserving your team’s power exclusively for marketing initiatives that rate highest on the Quarterly Scorecard.

Completing the Quarterly Scorecard is a process our CEO, Travis Houston, devised while working to grow sales of info products and supplements for a doctor and bestselling author. Using this method, revenue jumped from one million to four million in revenue in just 13 months. (Way to go Travis!)

An overwhelming number of ideas were being thrown at a small, already overburdened team when Travis used this process to separate the bad eggs from the golden geese of ideas. Using this same Quarterly Scorecard that’s available to you by clicking the button you'll find below, he not only ramped up revenue but also elevated employee satisfaction. Imagine…more profits and happier team members. That’s a win-win!

Get the quarterly scorecard to:

  1. Understand how to get the most ideas generated from your entire team
  2. Use a voting system to bring the best ideas forward in the conversation
  3. Assess the top ideas based on their impact in 5 key areas
  4. Rate the winning opportunities on three crucial factors
  5. Come up with a combined score to reveal the best options
  6. Prioritize which launches first
  7. Task out the project to get started

You’re sure to be the hero of the office when you focus team time and financial resources using this simple process!

 What are you waiting for? Go make more money!

You’re Welcome!
We're happy to help you stop guessing and get the results you want.
Focus on the initiatives you’ve vetted through this proven process!

Since we realize this might be the first time you lead a team through a priority setting session like this, we've got plenty of support for you! Once you grab the scorecard, you'll be invited to a private Superfunnel Insider Facebook Group. In that group you'll find an instructional video that guides you through the process.  We're in that group on weekdays with As to your Qs about this powerful and profitable process. See you in the group!


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