A Multi-Millionaire’s Method For Evaluating The Success of Your Business With Than Merrill

Than Merrill is the founder and CEO of FortuneBuilders, star of Flip This House and owner of CT Homes. Than is one of the most successful real estate investors and educators in the nation. He has bought and sold hundreds of properties nationwide during his investing career and he founded FortuneBuilders with the simple idea of sharing his knowledge and passion for real estate with aspiring investors.

As a graduate of Yale University and a former NFL player for the Chicago Bears, Than attributes his success in sports, business and investing to coaching, education and systems.

Listen up as Than talks about how he elevated his real estate game from his life’s experiences and how he built a massively successful company in the process. Learn about the Fortune Builders company culture and how to inspire your employees to better their financial circumstances through educated action.

Than gives you his formula for how to evaluate your business, your employees and your partners and divulges his secret weapon, a book, that Than has modeled in building his real estate empire. You'll also hear Than talk about how to handle business partnerships and his words of wisdom for making the right investment.

  • 05:23 – Where it all started for Than Merrill
  • 07:06 – The bad years, the real estate business collapse and making it through
  • 07:50 – The early years of his educational business
  • 08:50 – How to evaluate what’s going on in your company (truth & perspective)
  • 09:48 – Learn why messing it all up along the way and learning from mistakes is not a bad thing
  • 10:00 – Than’s strategic planning perspective
  • 11:53 – How to get into a meeting rhythm (that your people will love)
  • 13:31 – Here’s what to do to get to know people in your company
  • 13:53 – Do this to bring in good people that think like you and fit the company culture
  • 15:04 – Discover an effective Fortune Builders company culture
  • 15:49 – Should you have a healthy, conscious culture or not
  • 17:01 – Personal development that works for Than
  • 18:48 – Growth mindset vs a fixed mindset
  • 20:25 – How to keep up with the team’s growth & growing the team
  • 22:05 – How Than’s ‘camera guy’ became a real estate investor
  • 23:38 – Learn little things to keep people engaged
  • 24:30 – How to help team members go out and improve their financial status
  • 25:01 – How do you choose and hire loyal people
  • 26:49 – Helping corporate America get out of corporate America
  • 27:27 – Creating a wholesome and enjoyable work environment
  • 28:37 – Predicting the future of real estate
  • 30:09 – When will the real estate crash come?
  • 30:46 – Real estate in 2019 and beyond
  • 31:47 – How to evaluate if a deal is a good deal and where to put your money
  • 31:51 – The BEST investment advice you’ll EVER get
  • 34:18 – The Principles of investing
  • 35:41 – How to fire somebody (with grace)
  • 39:21 – How to get a smarter hire next time
  • 40:49 – How to justify an investment
  • 41:53 – Is what you’re doing going to drive revenue? Than’s investment strategy
  • 42:31 – Get these things so you are proud of what you’re putting out in the world
  • 42:44 – ROE – The true metric that matters
  • 44:22 – Mapping out your education plan
  • 47:23 – The best part of running your own business
  • 48:15 – How to keep a business partnership from going bad
  • 49:57 – The #1 most important decision you’ll make outside of marriage
  • 42:46 – Do this to building long term wealth when buying real estate

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